Lesson Plans: Digital Humanities for Art Historians

Details about this lesson plan:

  • Designed to be roughly ~1.5 hours
  • Slideshow with introduction to digital humanities tools and methods, followed by active learning activity
  • Intended audience is undergraduate or graduate students, and the general public
  • Should be customized to course after meeting with the professor

Proposed session schedule:

  • Short discussion: Does anyone know what digital humanities is? Can anyone guess what might be barriers to digital humanities work for art historians? – ~10 minutes
  • Slides: Introduction to digital humanities – 25 minutes
  • Group activity: Teams are assigned a DH project website from Miriam Posner’s Digital Humanities 101 course at UCLA.40 minutes (20 minutes to complete the worksheet, 20 minutes to report back to the entire class.)
  • Final thoughts and how this might be applied in their work – 15 minutes


Activity Worksheet Example:

Introduction to DAH Activity Worksheet