Lesson Plans: Digital Humanities for Art Historians


In this session, we’ll discuss the increasing use of digital technologies in research, publication and scholarship, and teaching We’ll look at tools that might be useful for art historians, examples of digital scholarship in art history and discuss how digital engagement might affect methodologies and theoretical inquiries.

Details about this lesson plan:

  • Designed to be roughly ~1.5 hours
  • Slideshow with introduction to digital humanities tools and methods, followed by active learning activity
  • Intended audience is undergraduate or graduate students, and the general public
  • Should be customized to course after meeting with the professor

Proposed session schedule:

  • Short discussion: Does anyone know what digital humanities is? Can anyone guess what might be barriers to digital humanities work for art historians? – ~10 minutes
  • Slides: Introduction to digital humanities – 25 minutes
  • Group activity: Teams are assigned a DH project website from Miriam Posner’s Digital Humanities 101 course at UCLA.40 minutes (20 minutes to complete the worksheet, 20 minutes to report back to the entire class.)
  • Final thoughts and how this might be applied in their work – 15 minutes


Activity Worksheet Example:

Investigating Digital Humanities Projects