Information Visualizations

Open data initiatives and the availability of data sets have encouraged the development of information visualizations, particularly in the field of journalism. Visualizations can be helpful for reporting data in a concise, easily digestible, visually stimulating manner.

I am particularly interested in how data can be misleading and critical thinking in addition to visualization software in general.  Aesthetic decisions, such as colors and shapes, are seemingly secondary to data, but I personally feel like these decisions are just as important to the visualization as the data itself. Aesthetic qualities can also determine the comprehensive success of one’s visualization.

Welcome to Baltimore: A Guide to the City Through Decker Library Materials


ALA-Accredited Programs That Offer Digital Libraries Concentrations

I created this map because I wanted to know how many ALA-accredited programs offered some type of Digital Libraries concentrations and where those programs were located.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.36.55 PM


See Your City: Baltimore City 10 Years After “The Wire”

HBO’s drama series The Wire premiered in 2002 and shed light on Baltimore City’s drug, housing, and homicide problems through story lines about drug dealers and users, city police, politicians, and the media. I created this visualization as a final project for the Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science Course Information Visualization (Sula). The visualization presents the city’s homicide data and demographics ten years after the show first aired.
Click to view the interactive visualization.
Click to view the interactive visualization.